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How we’re different – Well, It’s all about you

We want to make this all about you. Not like others who focus on themselves and their egos. With my down-to-earth and personal approach, I’m here to make management stress-free, fun and all about your property. When you call Tristen Scott, I’ll be the one to pick up the phone. No more getting passed around, just one point of contact for a seamless experience.

Property management is our main priority. We’re a different kind of real estate company, primarily focused on managing properties with care and expertise. Not something that’s treated like a side hustle.

I take great care in curating our portfolio to ensure quality over quantity. By limiting the number of properties I manage, I’m able to provide a highly personalised and exclusive service.

It’s all about the vibe. The vibe I get with the property, property owners, and potential tenants.

My promise – No crossed fingers behind backs here

At Tristen Scott, I aim for more than just satisfaction. I want you to be ecstatic about our service! That’s why I offer a “No Worries” guarantee and no hidden clauses.

Unlike other management agreements that trap you with cancelation periods, my agreement allows you to leave anytime if you’re not 100% happy with our service.*

*The Catch: You give me 2 days to make things right, and if I can’t, you’re free to find a better fit elsewhere. My top priority is your happiness and I’ll do everything in my power to ensure you’re thrilled with our services.

Work it… 

You’ve probably heard the saying “I didn’t want to work a 9 to 5 job, so I quit and started my own business. Now I work 24/7!” Sundays and public holidays are just another day for me. I’m happy to conduct  inspections by appointment on Sundays and public holidays.
Just another way to help keep vacancy rates low. You don’t see big box agents doing that!

FaceTime, and high quality video tours

Not all prospective tenants can make opens, so why should they miss out on seeing your property. You never know they just might be the best fit for your property.

Thorough Tenant Evaluation

As I said before it’s all about the vibe, plus the existence checks I do to ensure the we get the right tenants in your property.

I also maintain a database of prospective tenants who previously applied but were unable to secure a property. They’re pre-qualified and eagerly waiting for the right place. Allowing us to effortlessly lease some properties without even advertising, resulting in minimum downtime.
Thank you database.

Upmarket Advertising

We want your property to look its best! Forget the notion that only properties for sale deserve premium advertising. We hate blurry phone photos or photos that were taken years ago when you first launched the property. I’m committed to delivering upmarket advertising for your investment property. By using a results-driven “sales” approach, your property will standout, not just drop to the bottom of the list on

Lease Renewal Analysis

When your annual lease renews or a tenant leaves, I’ll provide you with a report on your rent, a market analysis, and suggestions on pricing, ensuring you receive the maximum rent possible.
Plus, I’ll provide a market update and impartial sales repost. Helping to keep you informed of the real estate trends.

Maintenance Plans

I’m here to improve and grow your investment, not just collect the rent. We’re in this together for the long term, not nine months like most property managers at big box agencies. So let’s invest in your investment by putting together a long term maintenance plan.

I will proactively provide maintenance recommendations to avoid future costly repairs, and suggest updates to maintain a high standard of living for tenants and boost property value between tenancies.

When unexpected happens

At Tristen Scott, coordinating repairs, maintenance, improvements, and renovations are all part of the job and come at no extra cost. I bring a wealth of experience in organising trades people and handling renovations and upgrades, and best of all, it’s complimentary. 

Fees – Understand what you’re paying for:

Letting Fee – The cost of leasing your property covers all the necessary steps, including answering inquiries, conduction open homes, screening potential tenants, creating lease documents, documenting the condition of the property, and securely collecting and processing the bond.

Lease Rental Fee – Fee for securing a new fixed-term lease with tenants at the end of their current lease agreement.

Management Fee – Management fee covering day-to-day property duties such as rent collection, disbursement of payments, tenant communication, maintenance coordination, routine inspections, rent reviews, tenant move-out process, ensuring the property is left clean and neat, plus bond claim negotiation if require.

Advertising Fees:

Signboard – Cost of organising and installing a “For Lease” signboard out the front of the property. For Lease signboards are an effective means of attracting interest to your property. 
If the property is part of a body corporate or management association, approval is necessary. 

Digital, online and Social Media – The cost of promoting your property on property sites such as, and and/or Google ads. Boosted/sponsored advertisement on Meta’s Social Media platforms i.e. – Instagram and Facebook.
There are no additional charges for showcasing your property on the Tristen Scott website.

Photography and/or Videography – Cost of professional photography and/or videography.

Tribunal Lodgement and Attendance Fee – Charged to recover the cost of lodging Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) application. Charge for preparation time and for attending a QCAT hearing.

Key Cutting – In accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act, our office holds one copy of all property keys. One set of keys is provided to each adult tenant for exterior access doors, plus a shared set of keys for such things as the letterbox or windows.

Services we include:

(Services already included in the leasing and/or management fee):

  • Provide marketing recommendations and prepare marketing material
  • Check prospective tenant applications
  • Recommend ways and strategise to maximise the property’s appeal to tenants
  • Conduct property inspections with prospective tenants
  • Liaise with tenants in conducting inspections
  • Conduct final inspections at lease end and provide report and advice should there be any issues (manage the process)
  • Condition entry report photos and a comprehensive notes. I photograph almost all of the internal surfaces and items within the property. (This report will include approximately 380 – 400 photos and comments to go with the photos)
  • Thorough routine inspections every quarter where we cross check back to the ingoing inspection and raise any issues at the routine inspection and follow up with a re-inspection to ensure any issues are rectified.
  • Provide estimate of potential rental income plus, conduct rent reviews and reports
  • We put together a thorough maintenance plan and work with you to ensure we are achieving preventative maintenance which is in turn increasing the capital on your property.
  • Provide marketing recommendations and prepare marketing material
  • Check prospective tenant applications
  • Submit tenant offers to you for approval
  • Preparation of lease agreement and relevant documentation
  • Monitor, collect and account for rent and utility services, body corporate and other related property costs
  • Lodge bond/bond claim(s) with the RTA and manage the entire process
  • Payment of invoices, rates, insurance and water accounts (if requested)
  • Change of tenancy and lease breaks
  • Arrange maintenance as required