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The Perks of Pet-Friendly Rentals.


Tris was eager to join the blogging fun and share her first-paw thoughts on the benefits of renting to tenants with pets. Since Tris isn’t exactly a proficient typist (you could say she has more of a paw-sonal approach), she’s enlisted me, to do the typing for her.

In this blog post, Tris will bark about the numerous advantages of renting to tenants with pets and why it’s a move that can be mutually beneficial.

Now, what’s all the woof about renting to tenants with pets?

Let’s begin by recognising that the landscape of rental properties is evolving, and a growing trend is the shift towards pet-friendly rentals. While some landlords may harbour concerns about allowing pets in their properties, there are compelling reasons why more and more property owners are embracing this approach.

For many renters, pets are considered part of their family, much like how I am to my dads. I’ve noticed it has been a real challenge for them to find pet-friendly rentals in the past.
Some landlords may have reservations due to worries about potential property damage. Yes, accidents can happen, but there are, in fact, numerous advantages to embracing pet-friendly rentals.

With thorough screening and well-defined pet policies in your lease agreements, the advantages of renting to pet owners become apparent. Providing a welcoming space for responsible tenants and pets is a win-win.

So let’s bark about them now.

Increased Tenant Pool:

One of the most apparent benefits of allowing pets in your rental property is that it opens up your property to a larger pool of potential tenants. Many responsible pet owners make excellent tenants and are eager to find a home where their furry family members are welcome.


Longer Tenancy and Reduced Vacancies:

Statistics show that tenants with pets often stay in a property longer. This means reduced turnover and fewer vacancies, which can save landlords both time and money. Pet owners become attached to homes that accommodate their animals and will want to renew their lease rather than facing the struggle of finding another pet-friendly rental.


Responsible Pet Owners:

Responsible pet owners take the well-being of their pets seriously, sometimes even putting their pet’s needs before their own. They are more likely to take good care of a rental property, ensuring it remains in good condition. A well-maintained property is a landlords and dream.


Let’s conclude this, I’m in the mood for a snack.

Embracing the idea of renting to tenants with pets is a wise move for landlords. It not only expands your tenant pool but also promotes longer tenancy and better tenant satisfaction. By being open to tenants with pets, you can be part of our movement to build lasting and transparent relationships while setting a new standard of real estate excellence.

I encourage landlords to consider the advantages of being pet-friendly. Reach out to my dad if you want to talk about it some more. I’m not good on the phone. But if it’s kisses/licks you’re after, then I’m the girl for the job.

Love, Tris and Myalls