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The new AI Kid on the block


I recently discovered ChatGPT, a powerful language model by OpenAI that can generate human-like text. As a blogger, I found it helpful in generating ideas, expanding on thoughts, and even writing entire paragraphs for my articles and emails. ChatGPT can understand context and continue a conversation, saving me time and effort when researching a topic. If you’re a content creator, I recommend giving it a try.

Confession time, ChatGDP wrote that intro sentence for me and could have easily written my whole blog article when I asked “Please write me a blog article about discovering ChatGDP and what it is. Trying it out and finding it to be very helpful when writing blogs and emails.”

I’ve known about ChatGDP for about four months. Now I can’t stop hearing about it everywhere. YouTube, social media, and the mainstream news are all talking about ChatGDP. Just this past week alone, I received three industry articles talking about ChatGDP and its future role in the real estate industry.

This got me thinking, why not test it out on something that all real estate agents need to do. So, I asked it to write a sales article, only using points from a random listing that came up in the Enoggera area, from

Here’s how it went: 

Jared – Write me a house sales pitch using these points, Features Include:

  • 604m2 block
  • Original home with superb renovator or build opportunity in Enoggera Avenues
  • Spacious living and dining with great natural light and cross ventilation
  • Original kitchen with great footprint for upgrade
  • Covered rear deck overlooking fenced backyard with in-ground swimming pool
  • Three bedrooms
  • Original bathroom
  • Under house storage and garage
  • Views to Sparkes Hill
  • Spacious almost flat block with excellent build opportunity
  • Walk to parkland and Kedron Brook bikeway


Looking for a superb renovator or build opportunity in the sought-after Enoggera Avenues? Look no further! This original home on a 604m2 block offers endless possibilities for those looking to make their mark.

The spacious living and dining area boasts great natural light and cross ventilation, perfect for entertaining. The original kitchen has a great footprint for an upgrade, making it the perfect space to cook and gather with family and friends. Step outside to the covered rear deck and take in the views of the fenced backyard and in-ground swimming pool.

The home features three bedrooms, an original bathroom and under house storage and garage for added convenience. Enjoy views to Sparkes Hill from the property and take advantage of the spacious almost flat block with excellent build opportunity.

Located in a prime location, the property is just a short walk to parklands and the Kedron Brook bikeway, making it the perfect location for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make this original home your dream home. Schedule a viewing today!

Okay, is it perfect? Grammatically – Yes. Does it touch on all the points made and add in good linkage words? – Yes. Do I see it taking this task off my hands? Yes and No.

Most property descriptions have a couple of paragraphs about the home in a “story format” providing all the benefits. Then lists off all the main features in dot-point format.

Following a “Benefits Sell, Features Tell” formula. Giving people a visual image of what their lives could be like living in that home. The features list all the high-level key points of the home and surrounding suburb. ChatGDP has taken the dot-points and written them in a sentence form. Kind of handy, but you can tell the personal touches and storytelling/benefits are missing.

Then there is the next question of plagiarism or the need to reference ChatGDP

So, I asked and was provided with the following response: As an AI, I am not an author. I don’t have a legal status or rights; therefore, you don’t need to reference me specifically. However, it is good practice to acknowledge the use of any external sources or tools that you used in creating your content. If you used my service, you could mention that you used an AI language model to generate some or all of your content, just to be transparent with your readers.

Let wrap this up as it’s becoming a long article. In conclusion, I find ChatGPT can be a valuable tool to help create content, providing a good starting point for ideas, expanding on thoughts, and even writing entire paragraphs. It can save a lot of time and effort. While it can generate text, it’s important to add personal touches and check for plagiarism.

It will be interesting to watch this space over the coming months. Plus, I pinkie promise if I use it to write blog articles or house sales pitches, I’ll be sure to reference that AI was used. Maybe…

Jared Campbell